100 Firehall Workouts: Extinguishing Excuses


Firefighting is an inherently dangerous and physical job. Every successful firefighter knows that the less physically fit you are, the more dangerous the job becomes. we want you to fee confident and capable on the fire ground.

  • Are you in the dark when it comes to working out? Are you unsure of what type of workouts firefighters should be doing?
  • Do you struggle with putting together ideas for workouts?
  • Are you new to fitness or certain movements that you need guidance with?
  • Are you trying to get hired as a professional firefighter and need assistance seeing if you measure up against other firefighters?

These questions and more are answered in 100 Firehall Workouts interactive guide. These firefighter workouts were designed to be done at the firehall with exercises and movements that will have you feeling capable and prepared for whatever comes next.

This guide will provide you with:

  • 100 workouts
  • Options for scaling
  • Movement pattern videos and demonstrations
  • Workout tips and tricks
  • Motivational messages
  • A place for you to record your weights, reps, times, notes and thoughts.

BONUS CONTENT: Every workout in the interactive guide has 100 firefighter workouts with a QR code that will link directly to more content online.

The only question left to ask is what are you waiting for? It’s time to extinguish all those excuses you have made previously and get to work. Time to Move!


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