115: Standard for Laser Fire Protection


Help keep facilities and operations safer and compliant by staying current with the latest in laser fire protection.

The increased use of lasers in hospitals, research laboratories, industrial applications, and many other settings has led to a significant rise in fire-related hazards. NFPA 115, Standard for Laser Fire Protection, provides a complete and thorough overview of the safe design, manufacture, installation, and use of lasers and associated equipment.

An essential resource for equipment owners and operators, manufacturers and designers, facility safety directors, and authorities having jurisdiction, NFPA 115 addresses all aspects of safety around lasers.

Topics covered range from classification and requirements for laser equipment and evaluation of ignition potential to ignitible liquids used in laser systems, flammable and reactive gases, and recommended procedures on training for and response to laser-related fire emergencies.

NFPA 115, 2020 edition, contains revisions that reflect the latest in laser technology and safe practices.

Notable changes and additions include:

  • Updated reference standards to the most current editions
  • Revised requirements for fire suppression, clarifying decisions in NFPA 10 concerning selection and placement of portable extinguishers
  • Additional information on the role of laser safety officers in determining the appropriate suppression systems or methods for laser installations

NFPA 115 fills a vital need for increased awareness and safety practices for laser systems.

Access the knowledge and insight you need to reduce the likelihood of laser fires and be ready in the event of an emergency. Order your copy of NFPA 115, Standard for Laser Fire Protection, 2020 edition, today.

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