2: Hydrogen Technologies Code

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Meet the modern challenges of safeguarding hydrogen in all occupancies with NFPA 2, 2020 edition.

From burns, fire, and explosions to the occurrence of oxygen-deficient environments, there are significant dangers inherent to the use of hydrogen. NFPA 2, Hydrogen Technologies Code, provides fundamental safety provisions for the generation, installation, storage, piping, use, and handling of hydrogen in compressed gas (GH2) form or cryogenic liquid (LH2) form.

The code is a safety essential for officials reviewing permits and inspecting occupancies containing hydrogen as well as for designers, engineers, installers, contractors, and facility managers responsible for applications involving:

* Storage of hydrogen in bulk and non-bulk quantities
* Use of hydrogen in laboratories
* Dispensing and fueling of hydrogen for vehicles and vehicle servicing and repair
* Systems for fuel cell power and generation, such as backup power systems using polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells and forklifts
* Applications involving combustion processes and special atmospheres, including electrolytic production of hydrogen

The 2020 edition offers the most current hydrogen requirements.

This comprehensive resource covers everything from hydrogen industry terminologies and general fire safety practices to deflagration protection, explosion protection, and combustion applications, along with extensive supportive Annex information.

The 2020 edition includes several updates to reflect the latest in hydrogen fire and life safety, including:

* Changes to Chapter 10, GH2 Vehicle Fueling Facilities, addressing fueling protocols, authorized fueling, signage, and vehicle to station communication protocols
* Restructuring of Chapter 10 to maintain clarity for the user
* Changes to Chapter 18, Repair Garage, which has been limited to apply only to LH2 applications in an effort to more easily allow repair garages to accept hydrogen as an alternative motor fuel; while still properly addressing the additional hazards the repair and servicing of hydrogen vehicles can present with the current levels of protection already required

Help keep occupancies safe from hydrogen hazards by referencing the latest code.

NFPA 2, Hydrogen Technologies Code, is a valuable resource for enforcing officials and anyone who plays a role in safety around hydrogen applications. Protect your personnel and facilities by ordering your copy of the 2020 edition.

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