6th Essentials of Fire Fighting (Basic)


The 6th edition is completely revised for today’s new and current firefighters and begins the next 35 years of excellence for this publication and the firefighters who use it to train. The 6th edition contains all the information and skills needed to meet the requirements for National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001, Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications (2013 edition), Fire Fighter Levels I and II.

This manual includes learning objectives, key terms, case histories, and review questions in each chapter designed to enhance a student’s understanding. Warnings, Cautions, and Safety Alerts emphasize safety at all times for new firefighters learning their basic skills.

Skill sheets show widely accepted safe methods for performing the work that firefighters are expected to perform. Each chapter also clearly delineates Fire Fighter I requirements from Fire Fighter II requirements by addressing them in separate sections of the chapter.

Chapter List:
•    Chapter 1: Orientation and Fire Service History
•    Chapter 2: Firefighter Safety and Health
•    Chapter 3: Fire Department Communications
•    Chapter 4: Building Construction
•    Chapter 5: Fire Behavior
•    Chapter 6: Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment
•    Chapter 7: Portable Fire Extinguishers
•    Chapter 8: Ropes, Webbing, and Knots
•    Chapter 9: Structural Search, Victim Removal, and Firefighter Survival
•    Chapter 10: Scene Lighting, Rescue Tools, Vehicle Extrication & Technical Rescue
•    Chapter 11: Forcible Entry
•    Chapter 12: Ground Ladders
•    Chapter 13: Tactical Ventilation
•    Chapter 14: Water Supply
•    Chapter 15: Fire Hose
•    Chapter 16: Fire Stream
•    Chapter 17: Fire Control
•    Chapter 18: Loss Control
•    Chapter 19: Fire Origin and Cause
•    Chapter 20: Fire Protection Systems
•    Chapter 21: Fire and Life Safety Initiatives


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