Action Training Systems – Online Training


Action Training’s high quality visual training materials for emergency responders are now available online as interactive courses and streaming video.

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Online Streaming Video –

The video content is identical to the traditional Action Training DVDs, but can be streamed to any computer (PC & Mac) or mobile device (eg. iPad) with a broadband connection via the internet (similarly comparable to Netflix).

Can be played straight through or played by section similiar to chapters on a DVD, and can be presented in a traditional classroom setting or individually viewed by students from any location where an internet connection is available.

ATS Instructor PowerPoints are included, and independent viewing done by the students, is tracked and recorded via the online Learning Management System.

Online specifications: A standard web browser with an up-to-date Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Internet Explorer 8 or above, Firefox 2.x or above, Chrome 13 or above, Safari 4.2 or above.


Interactive Online Courses –

The same hi-resolution video content that is used in the DVD and online streaming is presented in the online interactive course, with the addition of interactive formative assessments, section quizzes, and exams, playable on PC or Mac computers and some mobile devices.

Can be accessed individually by learners from any location where an internet connection is available or in a classroom setting. All student activity and test scores are tracked and recorded via the online Learning Management System.

Multi-year subscriptions to the interactive courses include: interactive courses (includes all questions in the question files), streaming video without interactivity, Instructor PowerPoints, stand-alone exam modules for testing.

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