Breathing Apparatus DVD


Breathing Apparatus discusses the different types of breathing apparatus and the components of each, as well as safety features, capabilities and limitations. The operation of the equipment, proper techniques for its use, inspection procedures, and emergency operations are demonstrated.

Factors which make specific equipment appropriate or inappropriate for particular tasks are explained.

The film teaches about hazardous atmospheres and respiratory hazards.

It stresses the need for training in the use of equipment in simulated emergency conditions before the user is exposed to a true emergency. Other topics covered include donning and doffing the various types of breathing apparatus, cylinder changeout and recharging, fit testing, open circuit versus closed circuit SCBA, the importance of physical conditioning, maintenance of equipment, and the special problems of hazmat incidents.

Actual demonstrations of how the components fit together and operate are particularly helpful.

(29 minutes)


Item #: BA9201

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