Burnt Around the Edges


A Guide to Mastering Stress and Surviving Burnout

This easy-to-read book highlights decades of real-life experiences as a firefighter and a Fire Chief in BC, Canada. The first-hand accounts outlined in the book highlight how occupational and life stress can dramatically affect our wellbeing. It draws readers through a journey and many lessons from Arjuna’s battle with unease and occupational Burnout. This honest, vulnerable and authentic narrative reassures readers that we can master and harness stress in our lives.

The title of this book, Burnt Around the Edges, comes from the experience Arjuna felt back in the summer of 2020. He found himself at a tipping point of total occupational Burnout. Even though he felt burnt around the edges, he knew he had a massive purpose-driven fire burning deep within him. This fire sparked a life changing transformation in his life and career with a far better understanding of how our bodies react and work under stress.

In Arjuna’s first book you will learn:

  • Arjuna’s story from his childhood to the present day
  • Strategies and tactics Arjuna used to master stress and recovery from Occupational Burnout
  • Tips on how to become more mentally strong and resilient in a stressful world
  • The importance of investing in your health and wellbeing to become your most authentic self

The book is Arjuna’s ignition source to a new career path led by a strong and clear purpose in life.

Arjuna wants to share his knowledge and support others to master stress and become more resilient humans. Arjuna’s encore career as a certified coach will enable his skills and experience to support first responders and leaders worldwide.

Author Information

Arjuna George is a retired Fire Chief with 24 years of serving his hometown of Salt Spring Island. Arjuna experienced the beginnings of Burnout in mid-2020 and began a journey to better self care. Through his recovery, he found a new purpose in life by supporting others to live their best life through his coaching and teachings.

Arjuna’s vast experience with first responders and how they respond and work under stress will be an asset to all first responders. He is also a certified Tension / Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Provider, certified executive career coach, stress coach, and a visualization and performance coach.

This book is for all first responders and those who love and know first responders. His presence and coaching approach can help those battling stress and Burnout. There are far too many suffering in silence; it’s time we take stress seriously.



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