Collapse of Burning Buildings: Guide to Fireground Safety, 2nd Edition


Chief Vincent Dunn, a 42-year fire service veteran, has updated his best-selling book which examines the dangers of structural failure caused by fire.

This is the second edition of the first textbook written to warn firefighters, company officers, and fire chiefs about exactly how structures collapse when destroyed by fire and examines the subject of burning building collapse in great detail.

More importantly, this book, unlike any other publication, instructs firefighters and fire officers in how to survive burning building collapse.


  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • General collapse information
  • Constructive terms of building design
  • Building construction: Firefighting problems and structural
  • Masonry wall collapse
  • Collapse dangers of parapet walls
  • Wood floor collapse
  • Sloping peak roof collapse
  • Timber truss roof collapse
  • Flat roof collapse
  • Lightweight steel roof collapse
  • Lightweight wood truss collapse
  • Ceiling collapse
  • Stairway collapse
  • Fire escape
  • Wood-frame building collapse
  • Collapse hazards of buildings under construction
  • Collapse caused by master stream operation
  • Search and rescue at a building collapse
  • Safety precautions prior to collapse
  • Why the world trade center collapsed
  • Future high rise building collapse
  • Post-fire analysis
  • Through the door though the floor collapse
  • Appendix: Post-fire analysis
  • Epilogue


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