Command and Control of Fires and Emergencies

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* Learn about command presence
* Develop a fireground strategy

A busy fire officer handles numerous tasks: administration, budgets, political interaction, medical response, fire prevention, inspections, etc. This book brings the active fire officer back to his job’s focus: Fighting fires and responding to emergencies.


  • ŒCommand presence Œ
  • Life-and-death decision making
  • Locating a fire Œ
  • Size-up of a fire
  • Command and control at a fire
  • Hoseline placement
  • Preventing fire spread
  • Changing strategy Œ
  • Ventilation
  • Terrorism
  • Fireground communications Œ
  • Demobilization Œ
  • Fireground dangers
  • Products of combustion
  • Managing fireground risks and dangers Œ
  • Epilogue Œ
  • Answers to study questions


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