Communicating Emergency Preparedness: Practical Strategies for the Public & Private Sectors, 2nd Edition


This fully revised edition of Communicating Emergency Preparedness: Practical Strategies for the Public and Private Sectors includes timely case studies, events, and references to articles and opinions about the direction of emergency preparedness communication.

The authors draw upon their professional endeavors to inject a new sense of practicality to the text. New images displaying emergency preparedness campaigns are used to further illustrate the materials being presented.

For instructors and practitioners alike, this book continues to provide the how-to instruction that is often required, and will only improve upon the success of the first edition in doing so.


Serves the needs of public sector stakeholders, as occurred in the first edition, but will now also generate great interest in the nongovernmental and private sector where appreciation of preparedness needs is quickly expanding.

Authors apply their practical experience in designing and conducting public education campaigns in both the emergency management and public health sectors to provide more than a simple theoretical foundation.

Case study examples will help practitioners to generate ideas for their own campaigns, and help instructors to better illustrate their lecture content with interesting and insightful stories and images.

The text utilizes a time-tested planning campaign planning and implementation process that will help readers design effective preparedness campaigns.

Applies the vast social marketing and public education experience of the public health sector to the disaster-focused emergency management needs of government emergency managers, nongovernmental organizations, and private sector risk managers.


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