Confined Space Entry and Emergency Response


Confined Space Entry and Emergency Response utilizes a realistic, scenario-based approach to teach you-and your staff-the right way to respond to an incident involving a confined space.

The authors provide intensive, step-by-step guidance through the challenging maze of training regulations, equipment needs, and procedures to keep your response team finely tuned and ready to go under any conditions.

You’ll find expert, detailed coverage of complex-and often confusing-topics such as:

  • The basic components of rescue
  • OSHA’s regulations for confined space entry and rescue
  • Confined space entry permitting
  • Assessing confined space hazards
  • Hazardous atmospheres and how to protect entrants from them
  • Air monitoring in confined spaces
  • Selection and use of personal protective equipment
  • The use of ropes and rigging

The CD includes the Instructor’s Guide along with lesson plans and useful practice tools such as worksheets, exercise handouts, performance checklists, diagrams and equipment lists for field exercises, instructions for building field training simulators, and guidelines for identifying rescue trainers and evaluating their competency as well as that of outside rescue teams.

Everything you need to effectively train those working in a confined space can truly be found within these pages and on the CD.


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