Disaster Planning and Control, 3rd Edition


In this book, Bill Kramer examines the complexities of disaster planning and control, covering the concepts of disaster management, development of disaster and emergency operation plans, and much more.

Through examples and case studies, the book is designed to allow the fire officer to study how the fire service has been involved with responding to various disasters and, by learning from the past and understanding the concepts presented, make a difference in the overall outcome of future events.


  • Preface
  • Tribute to Charles Bahme
  • Passing the Torch

I: Disaster anticipation and preparation

  • Disaster planning
  • Historical lessons
  • Training and preparation

II: Managing disasters

  • Organizational structure and incident command
  • Resource management and augmentation
  • Communications and information management

III: Frequent threats—fire, transportation, and hazmat

  • Catastrophic fires
  • Transportation disasters
  • Hazardous materials disasters

IV: Growing threats, global concerns

  • Homeland security and civil disorder
  • Terrorism
  • Mass casualties and mass evacuation

V: Natural disasters and recovery

  • Weather-related natural disasters
  • Terrain-based natural disasters
  • Aftermath and recovery
  • Appendix A: Acronyms
  • Index


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