Drawn By Fire 2021 Calendar


Paul Combs, a 23-year veteran firefighter and award-winning illustrator, has created a wall calendar for 2021!

About Paul Combs:

Paul is a classically trained artist, award-winning illustrator, and firefighter/EMT. That’s right, this unlikely combination has made Paul one of the most compelling and distinctive illustrators in America today. Paul burst onto the scene with a refreshing new style that married classical realism, manic energy, and a zany imagination for caricature. His lavishly detailed illustrations are published worldwide in newspapers, magazines (print and online), and books. His politically charged editorial cartoons are syndicated world-wide by Tribune Media Services/Tribune Content Agency.In conjunction with his career as an illustrator, Paul is a 24-year veteran of the fire service where he is a Firefighter II, NREMT, HazMat Technician, and Instructor for the City of Bryan Fire Training Academy. He is an FDIC H.O.T. Instructor and presenter, and an adjunct instructor for the Ohio Fire Academy.



Item #: 1593704414