ECG Cases for EMS


Drawing on the collective expertise of prehospital providers and clinicians, ECG Cases for EMS provides paramedics, critical care providers, and nurses with practical case studies in emergency cardiology.

Twelve-lead ECG’s and prehospital activation of the cardiac catheterization lab are becoming more and more common, with the burden of cardiac injury recognition rapidly shifting to the prehospital provider.

This textbook functions as an active learning tool structured around actual patient scenarios with corresponding ECG strips and offers interpretations of ECG findings and clinical tips. Cases focus on STEMI, STEMI mimics, and commonly misinterpreted dysrhythmias. ECG Cases for EMS provides evidence-based teaching points and real-world applications of ECG knowledge.

Features & Benefits:
* Actual ECG’s presented in “You Are There” scenarios.
* ECG interpretation and teaching points from nationally recognized educators, Drs. Amal Mattu and William Brady.
* A case-based textbook structure that facilitates active learning.
* Cutting-edge ECG’s that push the boundaries of paramedic knowledge and scope of practice
* ECG’s that mimic ischemia (e.g., pericarditis, hyperkalemia, bundle branch blocks, and more)
* Clinical “pearls of wisdom” for the practicing advanced provider


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