Emergency! Behind the Scene


Learn how the TV show Emergency! influenced the development of paramedic programs across the country.

This book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the origins of Emergency!, a dramatic series that followed the daily lives of a pair of Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters/paramedics, their colleagues at Station 51, and the emergency room staff of Rampart General Hospital. This program introduced television audiences from all over the world to the concept of pre-hospital care, along with fire prevention and CPR.

Numerous interviews from many of the medical and fire department technical advisors, cast members, writers, and other production crew members that worked on the series provide insight into this compelling show that went beyond entertainment to directly impact the field of emergency medicine.

When the world premiere of Emergency! was first broadcast in 1972, there were only 12 paramedic units in all of North America. Ten years later, more than half of all Americans were within ten minutes of a paramedic rescue or ambulance unit.


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