Emergency Medical Responder: First On Scene, 10th Edition


For courses in First Responder and Emergency Medical Services

Help students learn to think like EMRs
The leader in the field, Emergency Medical Responder, Tenth Edition, provides clear, first responder-level training for fire service, emergency, law enforcement, military, civil, and industrial personnel. The new edition retains all of the successful features from previous editions and includes new topics and concepts that have recently become part of most Emergency Medical Responder programs. Using the new National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards for Emergency Medical Responders as a foundation, Emergency Medical Responder also includes the 2015 American Heart Association guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid. Critical-thinking First on Scene scenarios and From the Medical Director features offer readers a real-world perspective that will help them learn to think like EMRs.


Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene’s boxed features and pedagogical tools help students learn to think like EMRs

  • Learning Tasks at the beginning of each chapter summarize important knowledge and skills.
  • Key concepts and learning points are called out by the designation FIRST at the start of information.
  • Key terms are boldfaced and defined in text; for quick review presented in a margin glossary; compiled in an end-of-text Glossary.
  • Photo Scans present step-by-step illustration of skills.
  • Chapter Review presents a detailed Summary; Remember and Consider and Investigate.
  • Enhanced First on Scene scenarios challenge the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) to consider their roles and responsibilities and patient care priorities. They appear at the start of each chapter and continue to be referenced throughout the chapter as specific content applies.
  • Run Review includes critical-thinking questions that ask students to evaluate the care provided during the First on Scene scenarios in each chapter. Students get the opportunity to discover why the Emergency Medical Responders in the scenarios provided the care they did and to offer suggestions for improving that care.
  • Is it Safe? features emphasize specific safety considerations for the EMR.
  • Quick Quizzes at the end of every chapter include multiple-choice questions that directly tie to DOT objectives and Additional Learning Tasks.
  • From the Medical Director features help students make important connections. These features appear throughout the book and include insights and tips from the text’s Medical Editor, Dr. Keith Wesley.
  • Comprehensive module exams offer students the opportunity to evaluate what they have learned throughout each module of content.
  • Take Action appears at the end of each chapter and offers suggestions for how students can apply chapter concepts for practice and reinforcement.
  • NEW: Evidence-based medicine is featured in every chapter, including:
    • Oxygen Administration
    • Bleeding Control
    • Use of Spinal Backboard
    • Resuscitation
    • and more!
  • NEW: Understanding the “Why” behind how a patient presents the way they do is important to providing the most appropriate care. For this reason we have added an entirely new chapter on pathophysiology. Chapter 5, “Introduction to Pathophysiology,” introduces the basic concepts of pathophysiology and provides students with a simple understanding of what happens within the body when things go wrong.
  • ENHANCED: Insights from our Medical Director are extremely important to EMR students; we have increased the voice of our Medical Director Keith Wesley in each chapter.  Dr. Keith Wesley is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and the EMS Medical Director for Health East Medical Transportation in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has served as both the State EMS Medical Director for Minnesota and Wisconsin and chair of the National Council of State EMS Medical Directors.
  • NEW: This new edition includes over 100 new photos and artwork that accurately depict the most current practice. They also provide excellent support for the more visual learner.


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