Emergency Rescue Shoring Techniques, 2nd Edition


John O’Connell’s Emergency Rescue Shoring Techniques, 2nd ed. is the most complete and up-to-date practical resource on shoring and stabilization of emergency scenes based on the latest FEMA and USACE updates.

His updated edition guides you step by step through the fundamental principles of emergency shoring operations, ensuring safe and efficient search and rescue missions in unstable environments across new shores and variations.

O’Connell provides comprehensive coverage of the aspects involved in shoring and stabilization, emphasizing the maintenance of strength and integrity in structurally damaged or unstable elements. He also carefully explains with step-by-step graphics how to erect your shores in a collapsed environment. 

More From Inside This Book: 

  • The latest FEMA and USACE updates  
  • Additional shoring options including triple T shore, four post shore, beveled, angled floor vertical, and V-shaped vertical 
  • Interior and exterior shoring procedures 
  • Training on large operations 
  • Operating on sloped surfaces 
  • Safety, stability, and load transferring 

This vital book is suitable for all firefighters, military, and construction personnel, as well as urban search and rescue teams.



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