Essentials of Fire Fighting, 7th Edition


Foundations for success in professional fire fighting.
Essentials of Fire Fighting continues the tradition of excellence in firefighter education.

This new edition meets ALL of the NFPA 1001, 2019 JPRs. Essentials 7 is the complete source for firefighter recruit and refresher training.

Key features:

  • Organized to meet the needs of students and instructors:
    • Chapters 1-15 – Fire Fighter I
    • Chapters 16-22 – Fire Fighter II
    • Chapter 23 – Emergency First Aid (FFI JPRs)
    • Chapters 24-26 – Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations (FFI JPRs)
    • Chapter 27 – NIMS-ICS (FF I, FF II, and Hazmat JPRs)

Hazardous Materials content is enhanced and meets Awareness and Operations of NFPA 1072, 2017 JPRs.

The NEW IFSTA ONE COLUMN format means more photos, more illustrations, and more tables. More visuals enhance the student learning experience.

IFSTA worked with the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (UL-FSRI) to incorporate the latest research on fire behaviour and fire attack. This research is throughout the text. Essentials 7 uses text, photos, illustrations, key terms and plain language for greater comprehension of this new content.

The new Fire Dynamics research from UL-FSRI is the basis for extensive changes in the Fire Dynamics and Ventilation chapters. These chapters tackle the complexities of fire behaviour that new knowledge provides. The information is applied to structure fires and to the effects of fire on buildings. Applying this new science to fire attack means understanding fuel, the stages of fire, the critical need to control the sources of oxygen, and the value of cooling a fire before making entry into a structure.


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