Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual, 2012 Edition


Fully revised, the new 2012 edition of the Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual provides complete, practical guidance on how to evaluate the fire safety of buildings.

Combining content from scores of codes and standards, this comprehensive resource is the most up-to-date reference for fire protection, fire safety, and life safety inspections. Step-by-step guidance walks you through the complete fire inspection process, with special emphasis on life safety considerations.

Six new chapters provide the knowledge and resources to conduct all types of inspections:

  • Certification and training for inspectors
  • Green technologies
  • Commissioning process for fire protection systems
  • Accessibility provisions
  • Urban wildland interface
  • Tunnels

Learn to spot hazardous conditions and what areas to focus on.

Designed to help you identify existing deficiencies, imminently dangerous conditions, or a fault in a procedure or protocol that may result in a fire, the 2012 Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual is a valuable on-the-job tool. Early chapters provide important background information, while later chapters present inspection guidelines for specific fire protection systems and occupancies that are based on the Life Safety Code®. Whether you’re just starting your career as a fire inspector or ready to brush up on the basics, you’ll find the reliable inspection advice you need.

Visuals plus downloadable checklists save time and improve productivity.

Illustrations and photographs throughout clarify complicated concepts. To help you remember and record every important detail, an access code links you to easy-to-follow checklists so nothing is overlooked. Order today to ensure safe, thorough, accurate inspections that are essential for maximum protection.


Item #: IM12