Fire Fighter Safety and Survival, 2nd Edition


Fire Fighter Safety and Survival is an essential guide designed to keep firefighters safe from the many hazards they will face on-the-job.

Developed around the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives, this book provides scores of real-life examples from the fire service and other high-risk industries to illustrate  the dangers of fire fighting.

More importantly, these examples help readers to stay safe in similar situations by offering helpful information on risk management, how to incorporate safety procedures within their department, and how to foster a culture of safety to ensure that “Everyone Goes Home.”

The Second Edition features:

  • Coverage of the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Firefighter Safety and Survival model curriculum.
  • Updated statistics, references, and examples from recent events
  • Over 100 real-life examples from the fire service and nuclear, medical, military, and airline industries to provide readers with a complete understanding of risk management, safety systems, and situational awareness principles.

Seasoned professionals and rookies alike can turn to Fire Fighter Safety and Survival, Second Edition for the knowledge and tools needed to make their fire departments safer without sacrificing cherished, long-standing traditions.


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