Fire Prevention Week (2023) Plastic Bags


These Fire Prevention Week™ (FPW™) Bags are a colorful way to hand out cooking safety educational materials as prizes and giveaways throughout the year. They feature Sparky the Fire Dog®. Promoting the phrase, “Cooking safety starts with YOU. Pay attention to fire prevention™,” these bags can be filled with tons of fun fire prevention products, such as:

  • Magnets, Posters, and Stickers
  • Kids’ Activity Booklets
  • Sparky the Fire Dog Coloring Books and Coloring Pads
  • Sparky® Tattoos, Pencils, and Crayons
  • Sparky Fire Hats—a kids’ favorite!
  • FPW Adult Brochures
  • 10 Tips for Fire Safety Brochures

These reusable bags can be handed out throughout the year at safety demonstrations, school assemblies, community events, and more—so stock up now! (12″ x 15″, qty 100.)


Item #: BAG23