Fire Prevention Week Fire Escape Planning Activity Pad


The Fire Prevention Week Escape Planning Activity Pad is a powerful tool for teaching kids fire safety!

There’s no better way to reinforce this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign theme, “Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape!™, than by handing out the Escape Planning Activity Pad at all your gatherings and events. These colourful and inviting giveaways feature Sparky the Fire Dog and provide a checklist of steps involved in forming a home fire escape plan along with sample diagrams kids and families can use as examples.

The FPW™ Escape Planning Activity Pad teaches mapping an escape route, checking smoke alarms, setting a meeting place, and other life-saving strategies and practices.

Ideal places to provide FPW Escape Planning Activity Pads include:

  • Community centers and public libraries
  • School and daycare visits
  • Sports games, concerts, and outdoor events
  • Firehall tours and safety seminars
  • FPW information fairs and festivals

When you give out FPW Escape Planning Activity Pads, you’re empowering kids in your community to take the lead in safety planning. They’ll remember what they learn and put it into action, and also share their knowledge with parents and peers.

(8.5″ x 11″ pad | 100 pp. per pad)


Item #: PLAN19

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