Fire Protection Approaches in Site Plan Review


The outcome of a fire review can greatly impact the internal fire and life safety features, as well as the architectural design of a building. An insider’s guide for both novice and expert, Fire Protection Approaches in Site Plan Review provides the framework needed to design and evaluate a successful site plan for review. This book outlines the components of a fire review, provides fundamental knowledge of fire principles related to a review, and introduces concepts for site plan development that can reduce or eliminate the problems that take place during the review process and during fire emergencies.

In addition to providing an overview of site plans, the author explains the items required for fire analysis, the kind of information that will be evaluated, and the items with which a reviewer should be familiar to begin a review. He also implements best practices, internationally recognized codes and standards, and applies real-life examples illustrating relevant ideas and concepts.

A technical examination that considers an engineering approach to fire emergency service, codes and standards, this book:
* Establishes the importance of the roads used by fire emergency personnel to get to a site
* Explains the water requirements for a fully-engulfed building
* Discusses the strategic positioning of fire hydrants
* Examines underground fire service lines that supply water to the active fire protection systems of the building
* Highlights Siamese connections, also known as Fire Department Connections (FDCs)
* Looks at location and positioning of FDCs, clearance from obstructions, size, and labeling
* Covers access for emergency vehicles from the fire station and to the building

Fire Protection Approaches in Site Plan Review describes the basics of fire protection as they relate to site planning and explains the importance of proper site plan review. This book serves as a handy guide for owners seeking to protect their buildings, architects and engineers needing to implement a cost-effective code-compliant design, and plan examiners and inspectors looking to effectively evaluate and review site plans.

* Incorporates internationally recognized codes, including International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC), and National Fire Protection Association standards
* Explains site plan review with the aim to increase response time and responder access to structures
* Examines significance of sprinkler systems, underground fire service lines, hydrants, and how they affect site
* Discusses water requirements and evaluations to determine the quantity of water needed for different scenarios


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