Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply, 3rd Edition


Fire service pump operators must have an understanding of the many laws of science that govern the study of hydraulics and water supply in order to be able to handle the complex hydraulic problems that may arise in real world scenarios.

Based on the Fire and Emergency Services in Higher Education (FESHE) model curriculum for Fire Protection Hydraulics & Water Supply, the third edition of Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply effectively teaches hydraulics by systematically addressing the underlying science in a way that makes challenging subject matter easier to understand and retain.

Readers will be introduced to the basic properties of water and laws of hydraulics and friction loss before learning to apply formulas to calculate flow, friction loss, nozzle reaction, and more. Additionally, readers will progress to learn about:

  • Complex principles of pump operation, including conditions such as end thrust and radial hydraulic balance, the application of Newton’s first law of motion as it applies to a kinetic energy pump, and the concept of Enthalpy.
  • Various laws of physics, including Pascal’s Principle, Bernoulli’s Principle, and Newton’s third law of motion as it applies to the concept of nozzle reaction.
  • New and improved formulas for calculating gallons per minute, nozzle reaction, and more.

Additionally, each chapter now includes:

  • Fireground Fact boxes that provide real world context or additional information on important topics.
  • Case studies that emphasize a law or principle presented in the text.
  • Updated key terms, formulas, and end-of-chapter resources.


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