Firefighters are Community Helpers Box



Build relationships and help convey important safety messages with the Firefighters are Community Helpers Box.

This all-in-one set of essential NFPA® handouts and learning resources helps ensure you are ready to educate and engage young audiences. The Firefighters are Community Helpers Box provides kids with a better understanding of firefighters and safety practices through activities that are enjoyable and informative.

This collection of instructional materials, activities, and fun giveaways is the perfect recipe for teaching children the fundamentals of fire safety at home, especially while cooking. At the same time, these carefully chosen products serve to lessen children’s apprehension of firefighters in turnout gear, so they will be comfortable cooperating if they are part of a fire rescue incident.

This value bundle helps you plan and execute unforgettable classroom visits and other events throughout the year.

The Firefighters are Community Helpers Box is a popular choice for fire and life safety educators who teach preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school students. You use the components in conjunction to have the maximum impact on learners. The set includes:

  • Sparky® Crayons — Kids get excited for these bright and colorful boxes of four crayons in Fire Engine Red, Caution Yellow, Safety Green, and Water Blue.
  • Sparky Fire Hats – These bright red Fire Hats feature Sparky the Fire Dog® and even have a place on the front where you can write your name.
  • Sparky Bandage Dispensers — Each dispenser comes with five individually wrapped sterile bandages. is printed on the side to direct families to where they can learn about Sparky and his life-saving messages.
  • Firefighter Coloring Pad — Kids get to know more about what firefighters wear for protection by coloring their gloves, helmet, facemask, boots, radio, and flashlight.
  • Sparky as a Community Helper Coloring Pad — Coloring Sparky alongside fellow safety personnel is a great way to start conversations about how these individuals protect your community.
  • Community Helper Instructor Guide — Instructor materials include a Fire-Safety Activities lesson plan, Firefighter Poster, and matching game within a vinyl storage pouch to put together a presentation that hits it out of the park.

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Making sure there are working smoke alarms on every level of the home, staying focused when cooking, and having a home fire safety plan are all lessons that help save lives. Deliver a more powerful message and win over young fire prevention advocates with the Firefighters are Community Helpers Box. (Qty: 90 Sparky Crayons boxes, 90 Sparky Fire Hats, 90 Sparky Bandage Dispensers with 5 bandages each (bandages not made with natural rubber latex.), 1 Firefighter Coloring Pad with 100 pages, 1 Sparky as a Community Helper Coloring Pad with 100 pages, 1 Community Helper Instructor Guide)


Item #: CHP20