Firefighter’s Handbook on Wildland Firefighting Study Guide, 3rd Edition


The Study Guide for the Firefighter’s Handbook on Wildland Firefighting, 3rd Edition, will aid any student of wildland firefighting in retaining more critical information.

This 240-page Study Guide follows the handbook chapter by chapter. The first section of the Study Guide can be used for self-study or as a format for taking notes in a classroom setting. The self-study section includes the learning objectives for each chapter, review questions, problem solving, a quiz, flash card review and a 100-question final examination.

The Study Guide also includes a copy of the federal Wildland Firefighter II Task Book. The Task Book can be used to record training and field experience, so that the firefighter can attain certification as a Wildland Firefighter II.


Item #: 1931301190

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