Firefighting Strategies and Tactics, 4th Edition


The Fourth Edition of Firefighting Strategies and Tactics meets and exceeds the course outcomes of the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) course Strategy and Tactics (C0279). Firefighting Strategies and Tactics, Fourth Edition is a valuable resource for fire fighters studying for promotion or taking civil service examinations.

The Fourth Edition reinforces safe and effective firefighting strategies and tactics for fire fighters and fire officers to employ during a wide spectrum of fire incidents. The chapters follow a natural progression, each chapter building on the previous foundation to provide a broad understanding of firefighting strategy and tactics.

Firefighting Strategies and Tactics, Fourth Edition offers in-depth coverage of potential incident hazards, strategic goals, and tactical objectives at:

  • One- and two-family dwellings
  • Multiple-family dwellings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Places of assembly
  • High-rise buildings
  • Vehicle fires
  • Wildland fires

The Fourth Edition also includes:

  • An Emphasis on Safety—Safety and professionalism are stressed throughout the chapters and are reinforced through discussions of incident effectiveness, hazard awareness, and strategic decision-making.
  • Information for Today’s Fire Service—Expanded and new discussions on geographic information system (GIS mapping), drone use for creating preincident plans, cancer risks in the fire service, gross decontamination of bunker gear after fires to reduce carcinogens, lookouts-communications-escape routes and safety zones (LCES), and deployment of rapid intervention crews at wildland fires.
  • Engaging Case Studies—Opening each chapter, case studies highlight actual events to emphasize the importance of developing sound strategies and tactics to fight fires effectively and safely. Additional case studies close out each chapter and provide students an opportunity to test their understanding in a safe environment.
  • Knowledge in Action—The final chapter demonstrates how the strategies and tactics throughout this resource may be applied in scenarios set at various types of occupancies. This feature offers students an opportunity to see how concepts are applied in the real world.


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