Firefighting Strategies and Tactics, 3rd Edition


Now in its Third Edition, Firefighting Strategies and Tactics is the fire service’s most complete and comprehensive “strategies and tactics” resource available for fire service professionals.

This textbook offers clear, systematic guidance on how to take control of the fireground – even under the most adverse conditions.

In addition to residential dwellings, the Third Edition covers best practices to safely and effectively manage fires in residential dwellings, commercial buildings, high-rises, places of assembly, vehicles, and in the wild.

Firefighting Strategies and Tactics, Third Edition features:

  • Complete coverage of the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Strategies and Tactics model curriculum.
  • New and improved chapter organization, including a new chapter dedicated to Pre-Fire Planning.
  • End-of-chapter case studies that help students apply what they have learned.


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