Firehouse Chef: Favourite Recipes from Canada’s Firefighters


A firefighter encounters many situations that require decisive action, but one that influenced Waterloo firehouse chef Patrick Mathieu more than most was the simple question posed to him at mealtime: “are you gonna cook, or clean up?”

Firehouse Chef is an account of Mathieu’s culinary experience as a Canadian firefighter, preparing meals for his fellow firemen that have kept them well-nourished for over 15 years.

With original recipes, as well as contributions by chefs from firehouses stretching from Newfoundland to British Columbia, this is a book that gets what it’s like to prepare meals for households on the go. A team of firemen is just like a family, and Firehouse Chef is sure to spark some new ideas with sizzling recipes such as:

  • Old South Classic Firehouse Pulled Pork
  • Cauliflower Steaks with Salsa Verde
  • Yukon Elk Chili with Chocolate and Cinnamon
  • Thai Drunken Noodles

Whether you’re looking for a simple starter, a gourmet dessert, or a hearty main, these recipes have been tried and tasted by test audiences who are not afraid to speak their mind!

Filled with colourful anecdotes and sumptuous photography, get ready as Patrick Mathieu and firehouse chefs from across the country set the culinary world ablaze.


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