Foam DVD


Training for emergency responders in the use of fire fighting foam. Foam is the winner of the prestigious Telly Award as well as the Golden Eagle award from the Council of International Non-Theatrical Events (CINE).

It objectively teaches emergency responders what they need to know to select, prepare and apply foam to a Class B fire or hazardous materials spill.

Topics covered:

* Studies all of the basic foams currently on the market, including high expansion foam, fluoroprotein, AFFF, FFFP, alcohol resistant, and Class A foams,
* Discusses the special properties and drawbacks of each which will make them appropriate or inappropriate for particular situations.
* Emphasizes the value of pre-incident planning, and tells how to analyze a site to determine what type and quantity of foam concentrates to keep available
* How to prepare foam, including proportioning to achieve the right mix of water and concentrate and equipment necessary to mix and deliver finished foam
* Foam vehicles
* How to apply foam gently
* How to calculate exactly how much concentrate will be needed to attack spill fires and tank fires
* Foam compatibility
* Protecting exposures
* Protecting the integrity of the foam blanket
* Eliminating the source of the leak
* Fighting tank fires
* The special hazards of chemical spills


Item #: FM9901

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