Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety Banner


Proudly display the Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety Banner at your department and at all your fire prevention events.

The Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety Banner highlights the importance of teaching valuable lessons about how smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms help protect lives and property. These colorful banners are made of machine-washable, eco-friendly, knitted polyester fabric that’s durable enough to reuse for years to come. Easy to put up, store, and transport, this valuable tool brings attention to your vital fire prevention and life safety messages.

Full-color Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety Banners add an exciting element to all your in-person and virtual events.

Whether you’re outdoors, inside, or online, our grab-and-go banner is a fabulous way to make a big impact with minimal cost and effort. They are made with wind slits and well-placed grommets for simple hanging and use and are light enough to take with you wherever you plan on speaking or gathering.

Ideal places to display your Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety Banner include:

  • Schools, libraries, community centers, and older adult home visits
  • Out front of firehouses, recreational facilities, stores, and shopping malls
  • FPW safety demonstrations, fairs, festivals, and local events
  • As a backdrop for virtual appearances in classrooms or assemblies
  • As a table covering that helps display popular fire prevention handouts from NFPA®

Use the Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety Banner to put a focus on safety throughout the year.

These large banners bring attention to all your year-round educational events and community engagement initiatives. Get ready for a successful campaign and support your community education efforts by placing your order today.

(4 feet x 10 feet | Qty 1. Now packaged in a 6 x 6 pouch, instead of the large tube as in previous years.)


Item #: BAN21