From Buddy to Boss: Effective Fire Service Leadership 1st Edition

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Whether you’re a new officer or in need of a mentor, From Buddy to Boss: Effective Fire Service Leadership, is a must-have management book you’ll turn to over and over again.

Fire service veteran Chase Sargent has taken his popular course and written a no-holds barred leadership book for the fire service in a conversational and easy-to-read style. He tells you how to accept and survive politics, deal with the fringe employees, and keep your cool – tricks of the trade that usually take years to acquire.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Your credibility is a valuable currency that takes time to build up. What you do, not what you say, is the ultimate test of your credibility, reinforcing your expectations.
  • That leadership requires individuals and organizations to create an environment where people and their ideas can thrive.
  • How to use stories to impress upon our new members the necessity of doing certain things.
  • That the quickest ways to lose trust are to inconsistently apply and enforce rules and to allow your personal feelings to dictate what you will and won’t enforce.
  • Why leading by example and from the front, doing not saying, is critical to you success.

Reading From Buddy to Boss is like turning to a trusted friend for wisdom and advice you can count on to improve your job performance. Use this book to master your leadership as well as your management skills and successfully make the transition to boss.

“When a worker becomes a boss, they sign up for a whole new career. The new boss must go from just having to manage what they do, to being responsible for both the performance and the welfare of the workers assigned to them. Now they must somehow deal with whatever part of the human condition that the workers show up with. Chase Sargent has produced an excellent instruction manual to help make that transition. Chase is a very smart, experienced guy who can explain stuff in plain, street oriented language. I wish Chase’s book had been available in 1964 when I went from buddy to boss it would have saved me a lot of road rash.”

— Alan Brunacini Chief (Ret.) Phoenix Fire Dept.

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