Full Steam Ahead!: Unleash the Power of Vision in Your Company


Mega-selling author Ken Blanchard teams up with top consultant and executive coach Jesse Stoner to take the mystery out of creating a clear, compelling vision for your organization and yourself.

The First Edition has sold over 250,000 copies, and this Second Edition includes a new chapter on sustaining your vision, new action resources, updated examples, and more information on creating vision for teams.

According to Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner, vision does not have to be magical or intangible, bestowed only by great leaders. Everyone is capable of creating a vision and bringing it to reality. Full Steam Ahead! shows how.

This practical and inspiring guide uses an entertaining story about two people who are each struggling with the need for vision. Readers journey with them as they discover the three elements of a compelling vision and the guidelines to create a shared vision that unleashes energy and potential.

An appealing, easy-to-read book, Full Steam Ahead! clarifies the differences between an enduring vision and a time-bound goal; shows how to create a sustaining vision that will provide focus, energy, and direction over time; and presents a foolproof plan for engaging people in organizations to become involved in shaping a vision that resonates with their own hopes and dreams.


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