Fun with Chemistry DVD


Three hours of non-stop live demonstrations vividly portray the hazards of chemical reactions and encourage emergency responders to pay chemicals the respect they deserve.

Excellent instruction for anyone involved in emergency response or who works with chemicals.

Designed for emergency responders and workers who handle chemicals. Filmed on location before a live audience at the Continuing Challenge Hazmat Conference in Sacramento, CA

* Instructive and entertaining
* Searchable by chapter points
* Provides an excellent basic understanding of chemistry that is helpful for anyone who may need to consider the hazards of chemicals during the course of their job
* Experiments cover all nine of the DOT hazard classes, demonstrating how chemicals within these classes, either by themselves or in reaction with other chemicals, can harm people or the environment
* Concepts such as pH, BLEVE and flammability range are visually demonstrated
* Experiments are demonstrated by Dan Keenan and Maria Duazo, the Continuing Challenge Instructors of the Year


Item #: FC9901

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