Fundamentals of Fire and Emergency Services, 2nd Edition


Fundamentals of Fire and Emergency Services, Second Edition, is designed to introduce students to the firefighting profession as well as provide career firefighters a resource for continued learning.

Offering a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of modern fire service, the text covers the history of the fire service, career opportunities and education, fire dynamics, fire prevention, and more. With an emphasis on critical thinking, each chapter follows the FESHE curriculum and outlines specific learning objectives that address the ever-increasing challenges of this dynamic profession.


  • Learning features throughout the text enhance the material presented.
  • Stop and Think questions ask the student to pause, consider what they have just learned, and apply the concept.
  • General safety icons point out areas where extra precaution is required.
  • The icon of the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation is used appropriately to promote the 16 Life Safety initiatives that ensure that “Everyone Goes Home.”
  • Each chapter concludes with an “On Scene” feature that bridges the gap between classroom learning and real world experience.
  • Review questions reinforce the chapter content by providing a final check that the student has mastered the chapter content and key concepts.

New to this Edition:

  • The authors address the evolving role of the firefighter and the emergency medical service field.
  • A new chapter (12) on emergency medical services and emergency management introduces the importance of these two functions in the fire service.
  • This chapter covers basic information in relation to emergency medical responses and emergency management procedures.
  • It provides an introductory overview of the ever-changing emergency response occupation.
  • Updated color design features color photos throughout the text.
  • Updated key terms, references, examples, and statistics follow the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) curriculum.

Updated content in every chapter promotes critical thinking and addresses the ever-increasing challenges of this dynamic profession.

  • Updated information on large-loss fires in the United States.
  • Updated information on firefighter employment, including Statistician as a private sector fire protection career.
  • Covers NFPA 1971 standard for structural fire fighting ensembles and proximity fire fighting.
  • Includes formulas for soil and wind pressure computation, beams and columns, and a description of roof designs.
  • Updated with the 2012 NFPA Life Safety Code 101 occupancy classification list.
  • Expanded discussion on flow testing fire hydrants and statistical information on sprinkler system reliability.
  • Updated GPM and manpower formulas, information on wind-driven fires, and updated information on pre-incident planning and new technologies.
  • Discussion of new National EMS Education Standards.


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