Fundamentals of Search and Rescue, 2nd Edition


Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR), Second Edition is a comprehensive resource for new and experienced search and rescue (SAR) personnel. Providing an overview of all aspects of search and rescue procedures and equipment, FUNSAR teaches the essential techniques employed by nearly all successful search and rescue personnel.

FUNSAR offers an in-depth and practical approach to search and rescue and is recommended for all emergency responders.

The Second Edition has been fully updated to meet the needs of today’s SAR personnel, highlighting the most current equipment and technology and focusing on proven and effective search and rescue techniques. All areas of search and rescue are covered, from choosing the best clothing and footwear for the environment, to packing light and improvising, to tracking and locating subjects.

Ideal for both career and volunteer professionals, this essential resource combines dynamic features with the latest and most comprehensive content.

Dynamic Features

  • Search and Rescue Tips reinforce key information for conducting SAR operations
  • Safety Tips alert SAR personnel to both expected and potentially unanticipated hazards
  • Listed resources provide suggestions for further study of each chapter’s topics
  • Full-color photos and illustrations support and help clarify the text

Comprehensive Content

  • Guidelines to ensure SAR personnel are both physically and mentally prepared for search and rescue
  • Important legal and ethical considerations for search and rescue
  • A wide variety of SAR equipment, clothing, and technology, and when each should be used
  • Survival and improvisational methods in various environments
  • Tracking methods and navigation tools


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