General Aviation Firefighting for Structural Firefighters


This text provides the basic training material for learning how to deal effectively and safely with a general aviation incident.

Written by a 25-year service veteran with vast experience in the field, this book includes ample illustrations explaining an airport environment, how to establish vital communication links, the components of GA aircraft, coordination with other agencies, and the types of incidents that involve GA airports and aircraft. Case studies of incidents on and off airport property add vitality to the text.


* thoroughly explains General Aviation airports and aircraft to help the typical structural firefighter operate safely and effectively in a fire involving GA
* describes the airport circumstances so fire companies can apply appropriate procedures to safely enter and operate at a GA airport
* listing of aviation radio procedures and terminology improves emergency communications between firefighters and aviation community
* detailed explanations of aircraft systems and parts enhance the user’s understanding of material
* author’s anecdotes give real-life frame of reference that further understanding and application


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