Guide to the Ontario Fire Code 2015


Containing interpretive commentary with supporting illustrations for selected Ontario Fire Code 2015* requirements, this 280 page guide will assist the building owner, property manager, building operator, maintenance personnel and other Code users in applying fire safety measures to their site.

While each Article, Sentence, or Clause in the Ontario Fire Code is not specifically referenced, the book attempts to explain fire and the concepts of fire safety, including certain definitions, so as to make the Ontario Fire Code easier to understand and apply.

Contents include Code excerpts with interpretive explanations as follows:


Fire Safety Basics

Division A, Part 1 – Fire Code Structure, Objectives and Functional Statements

Division A, Part 2 – Application and Objectives

Division A, Part 3 – Functional Statements

Division B, Part 1 – Referenced Documents and Organizations

Division B, Part 2 – Building and Occupant Safety

Division B, Part 3 – Outdoor and Indoor Storage

Division B, Part 4 – Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Division B, Part 5 – Hazardous Materials, Processes and Operations

Division B, Part 6 – Fire Protection Equipment

Division B, Part 7 – Checking, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Emergency Systems in High Buildings

Division B, Part 8 – Demolition

Division B, Part 9 – Retrofit

Division C

Appendix containing applicable Ontario Regulation excerpts

*As amended by O. Reg. 256/14 and O. Reg. 275/14.

About the author

Bruce Lacillade is a retired Fire Prevention Inspector with the Burlington Fire Department and a regular contributer to Firefighting in Canada. He is an affiliate member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and is a Fire Protection Specialist. Bruce also holds a BA in Social Services and a MA in Divinity. He lives in the Niagara region with his wife, daughter and two dogs.

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