Guidelines for Highway Incident Scene Safety and Traffic Control


Highway traffic accidents pose a daily hazard for first responders. Unfortunately, often responders are killed and injured assisting at accident scenes. In most of these cases, they are injured due to a second accident when other cars and large trucks crash into the accident scene. These accidents can be avoided if proper highway incident traffic control is utilized.

The materials presented in this training course are based upon proven highway traffic control that provides for a safe incident area. Participants are trained in the proper location of advanced warning signs, flagging techniques, lane closures, and safety equipment. Participants receive a day of classroom training on traffic control fundamentals.

In the optional second day of training, they do field exercises to assemble full-scale traffic control zones and practice flagging. The materials presented in this course will help make it safer for all first responders who assist at highway accident scenes. Members of the motoring public will also be safer as they continue their travels through the accident site.

CD includes:

  • Instructor manual
  • Participant manual
  • Pocket guide
  • Full-colour PowerPoint slides

System requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint 95 or newer and Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or Acrobat Reader or newer.


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