Hardwired 3 in 1 Smoke & CO Strobe Alarm w/10 Yr Battery Backup


Regularly retails up to $159.99 (MSRP )


INTEGRATED COMBINATION ALARM & STROBE LIGHT Requires only one electrical box for 3 vital functions.  Saves installation time and costs. One device includes strobe light and combination smoke/CO alarm.

SMART STROBE Separate flash patterns to distinguish between smoke
and carbon monoxide.
177 CANDELA SYNCHRONIZED LED STROBE Powerful 177 candela LED strobe light provides effective visual warning intended to waken hearing
impaired residents. When multiple units installed, strobe is sync capable.
1Hz FLASH RATE 60 flashes per minute rate.
10 YEAR SEALED BATTERY Lithium long life battery to supply power to the alarm in the event of power failure for the 10 year life of
the alarm. Sealed in the alarm housing to prevent tampering or removal.
OPTIPATH 360 TECHNOLOGY™ Provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensing chamber.

Technical Specs:

Alarm Dimensions:  5.2″dia. x 2.3″H
Weight: 10.6 oz 10.6 oz
Operating Voltage: 120V AC 60Hz with 3V Sealed Lithium
Battery Backup for alarm.
Operating Current: Alarm 0.8 A
Temperature Range: 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C)
Humidity Range: 10% to 95% relative humidity (RH)
Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10 feet
Test/Silence: Electronically simulates smoke condition, causing
the unit to alarm. Press and hold test/silence button.
Alarm Reset: Automatic when smoke clears
Interconnections: Up to 18 units of First Alert or BRK Smoke, CO and
Heat Alarms. Maximum number of 12 smoke alarms.
Smoke Sensor: Photoelectric
CO Sensor: Electrochemical
Strobe Light: 177 candela LED strobe
Indicator Lights/Sounds:
AC Power: Constant Green LED
DC Power: Green LED flash, once per minute
Alarm Condition: Red LED flashes with audible alarm (horn) pattern and
strobe (flash) pattern
Horn Pattern: Smoke – Approx. 1 beep per second for 3 beeps, then 1
second off. CO – 4 rapid beeps, then 5 seconds off.
Strobe Pattern: Smoke – Constant, approx. 1 flash per second. CO – Approx.
1 flash per second for 4 flashes, then 3 seconds off.
Silence: Approx. 9 minutes Smoke initiating alarm, approx.
4.5 minutes CO initiating alarm, 8 hours End of Life
Alarm Latch: Smoke – Horn off and Red LED flashing 2 seconds on, 2
seconds off. CO – Same as smoke but with 4 short red LED
pulses after 2 seconds on.
Latching End of Life /Low Battery Indicator: Green LED flashing 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off
End of Life Signal / Low Battery Signal: 3 short chirps with 5 Green LED flashes once per minute
Listing: Certified to CAN/CSA STD 6.19-01 & ULC STD S531 & ULC STD S526



Item #: SC7030BSLA