Hazardous Materials Technician Exam Prep USB, 1st Ed.


This interactive, digital version of the print Exam Prep is designed as a self-study tool to allow students to review content on a chapter-by-chapter basis with the intent to prepare for comprehensive assessments like certification or promotional exams. However, it is much more than a replica of the print version.

The Exam Prep Flash Drive is a Windows based application that includes the same 507 questions in the print version. The questions are divided both by firefighter level and chapter. The flash drive allows the user to select all the questions for a particular chapter or to select a subset of questions based upon a page range that the user selects.

If a subset is selected, the user can then limit the questions to a particular part of a chapter. The questions are automatically graded, and the program tracks correct and incorrect responses for the user. Each question includes the page reference where the correct answer is located in Hazardous Materials Technician. After completing a section of questions in the Exam Prep, all incorrect responses are displayed so that the user can print a fully referenced custom study plan based upon areas in which they missed questions.

The Exam Prep Flash Drive was formerly referred to as the Self-Study Guide Flash Drive.

Requires a Microsoft-supported version of Windows and the Adobe Flash Player, which is available as a free download.


Item #: 36887

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