HAZMAT Containment Series


Hazardous materials releases are a common occurrence in today’s commercial industries and transport routes. The ability to control such spills is a critical skill in keeping communities safe. This four-part series provides an overview of the major issues, equipment, materials and procedures necessary for release control.

The HAZMAT Containment series provides an overview of the major issues and procedures arising out of hazardous materials spill control. The series discusses drum breach, pressurized cylinder control, diking, diverting, damming, retention and fuel tank truck incidents. Each title includes demonstrations of spill control and containment procedures as well as discussing safety concerns and equipment and materials usage.

This series includes the following DVDs:

  • Plugging and Patching Drums
  • Containing Leaks in Pressurized Cylinders
  • Diking, Diverting and Retaining Spills
  • Incidents Involving Fuel Tank Trucks

(Also available online as interactive courses or streaming video. More information here)


Item #: RCO005DVD

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