HazMat Data: For First Response, Transport, Storage, and Security, 2nd Edition


The HazMat Data, 2nd Edition provides a detailed reference for emergency responders and people who transport chemicals.

Considering the events of September 11, the book is especially oriented toward first responder and emergency management personnel. Additions to this new Second Edition include Spanish language synonyms for all entries, and an increased overall number of synonyms.

New to this edition is information on chemical warfare (CW) agents and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)-nerve gasses, blister agents/vesicants, “blood agents,” choking/pulmonary agents, and crowd-control agents (tear gasses, pepper sprays, etc.)-that might be used as weapons of terrorism.

It clearly explains symptoms of exposure and appropriate treatment for the exposure when available, and describes what to do in an emergency situation. The book also gives the NFPA hazard classifications, as well as chemical hazard class information.

The HazMat Data, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive, up-to-date summary of this vital information.


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