Homeland Security: Principles and Practice of Terrorism Response


Homeland Security: Principles and Practice of Terrorism Response is the definitive resource on all aspects of homeland security, including incident management, threat assessment, planning for and response to terrorism and other forms of violence, the federal response plan, and weapons of mass effect.

Ideal as a textbook for college-level homeland security courses or as a training text for first responders and government officials, Homeland Security: Principles and Practices of Terrorism Response explains key concepts of national security and applies them to real-world operations.

The features in this text will help students gain a full understanding of homeland security principles and practice. They include:
* Critical Factor boxes to reinforce the core concepts of the text
* Chapter Questions that summarize the knowledge contained within the chapter
* Chapter Projects that call on students to apply information from the chapter to address complex problems as well as interact with their own local community and state governments


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