Incident Command System (ICS) Model Procedures Guide – Book 1


Incident Command System (ICS) Model Procedures Guide for Incidents Involving Structural Firefighting, High-Rise, Multi-Casualty, Highway and Managing Large-Scale Incidents using NIMS-ICS.

This manual combines the information from four existing National Incident Management System Consortium (NIMSC) Model Procedures Guides, plus new information on managing large-scale incidents, into one comprehensive, NIMS-compliant book. As with all NIMSC model procedures, this information was developed and approved by a broad group of national experts on these topics.

The manual includes basic information on NIMS ICS and then detailed information on how to apply it to structure fires, high-rise fires, major EMS incidents, roadway incidents, and large-scale incidents of all types. This includes concepts such as unified command, area command, joint operations centers (JOC), multi-agency coordination centers (MACC) and much more. This is the definitive text on the application of NIMS ICS to common types of emergency incidents.


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