Incident Safety Officer: Roles and Responsibilities DVD


This program presents Part 1 of the role of the Incident Safety Officer. An overview of the responsibilities and general duties of an ISO as established by NFPA 1521 is presented.

Also reviewed are the essential professional characteristics required for this role, including effective communication techniques.

The program teaches to:

  • NFPA 1500: Standard on Fire Dept. Occupational Safety & Health Program, 2013 Edition
  • NFPA 1521: Standard for Fire Dept. Safety Officer Professional Qualifications, 2015 Edition
  • NFPA 1561: Standard on Emergency Services Incident Management System and Command Safety, 2014 Edition
  • NFPA 1026: Standard for Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications, 2014 Edition

Training Objectives:

  • To discuss the role of the ISO in incident management
  • To present the ISO’s general responsibilities and duties
  • To show the professional characteristics and skills an ISO needs to develop
  • To demonstrate communication techniques ISO’s can use to trigger safe behaviour

Total running time 21:54

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Item #: RICM001DVD

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