Industrial Firefighting for Municipal Firefighters


Although municipal firefighters respond on a daily basis to industrial fires or emergencies, even the largest fire departments often focus most of their training and attention to residential and commercial structures, vehicles or wildland firefighting. This book was written to specifically prepare the municipal firefighter for responses to a wide range of industrial fires, where the situation will be much different.

As advances in automation and reductions in industrial fire brigades are made, it is increasingly likely that firefighters will be called to an incident at one of these vulnerable facilities due to a fire or terrorist event, and municipal firefighters must be prepared to respond.

An educated and efficient response will assist with the mitigation of large loss fires or other events, minimizing business interruption and the resultant dollar loss as well as minimizing the impact to the community at large.

  • Features & benefits: Obtain a better understanding of the industrial processes that may be encountered.
  • Provides a knowledge base for pre-incident planning.
  • Covers response procedures and operational tactics to be employed by municipal firefighters at industrial fire incidents.
  • Details the types of operational structures, firefighting equipment, and personnel available at industrial facilities.

This book is perfect for municipal firefighters at any stage of their career, as well as for personnel at industrial facilities that have to operate or coordinate response with municipal fire departments.


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