Inspection and Testing of Automatic Sprinkler Systems DVD


Use this new training video to keep sprinklers in top shape!

Automatic sprinkler systems are a very important element of fire protection today. And if they’re properly inspected, tested and maintained, they’re almost 100% effective. Inspection and Testing of Automatic Sprinkler Systems is a dynamic instructional program that clearly demonstrates and explains the procedures that must be followed to maximize the reliability and performance of these vital fire protection devices.

Promote an understanding of the theory and practice of inspecting and testing sprinklers.

Employees who conduct tests and perform maintenance activities will learn to carry out procedures correctly and with the right frequency. Those who oversee contract personnel who perform these duties will be able to evaluate their performance based on a solid foundation of knowledge.

Give workers the know-how to apply provisions in NFPA 25…or supervise contractors who do!

Fire demonstrations in test facilities, computer animations, and clear examples of recognized “best practices” illustrate such key concepts as:

* How the different types of sprinkler systems work
* Inspection and testing requirements for each of the main sprinkler system components
* System failures that can result from lack of or improper inspection, testing, and maintenance

Ensure proper compliance with NFPA 25!

If you’re a facility director, engineering or maintenance manager, training director, or loss prevention manager, improve your job performance with this instructive video program!

(28 min., Instructor’s Guide)


Item #: VC83DVD

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