Legal Aspects of Emergency Services, 2nd Edition w/Navigate Advantage


Legal Aspects of Emergency Services, Second Edition introduces members of fire and emergency medical services to the legal system in the United States, showing them how various types of laws affect their work in emergency services.

After studying Legal Aspects of Emergency Services, Second Edition, students will be able to identify situations in their work environment-whether at incident scenes or at the station-that reflect federal, state, and local laws, or may require the assistance of an attorney. The knowledge gained through this text can influence emergency responders’ words and actions in legally sensitive situations.

Legal Aspects of Emergency Services, Second Edition progresses from a general foundation in the U.S. legal system, to general types of laws, and then to the more specific types of laws affecting emergency services, covering the legal aspects of topics such as:

  • Patient privacy
  • Emergency medical care
  • Public information transparency
  • Technology use
  • Civil rights
  • Employment benefits
  • Employee safety
  • Employer-employee relations
  • Community rights

Legal Aspects of Emergency Services, Second Edition also includes:

  • Decisions from influential court cases
  • Fictional case studies
  • Clarifications of tricky legal concepts
  • Sampling of state laws involving emergency services

Legal Aspects of Emergency Services, Second Edition is designed to provide fire and emergency services personnel with basic legal knowledge so that, when faced with a legal quandary, they may remember the core principles discussed throughout this book and recognize the need to seek qualified legal advice. It is a vital resource for those studying for promotion, individuals taking civil service examinations, fire science students, and existing practitioners.


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