Let’s Hear It For Fire Safety Kids Brochures and DVD Set


Make a big impact in classrooms and stretch your fire safety education budget with NFPA’s Let’s Hear It For Fire Safety Kids Brochures and DVD Set!

Here’s an entertaining new way to give students the fire safety and emergency safety training they need!

Created by the public education experts at the National Fire Protection Association, these four brochures and their companion music videos on DVD combine children’s different learning styles to make safety lessons unforgettable.

Kids will learn by reading, completing fun activities, listening to music, and singing along to original songs!

Activity-filled brochures let kids use writing, critical reasoning, and problem-solving skills to solidify important safety knowledge. Messages for grown-ups offer additional facts and ways to reinforce key behaviors.

Save 15% on 25 each of the new Let’s Hear It for Fire Safety Kids Brochures plus a DVD featuring four lively music videos that will get their attention.

  • Smoke Alarms are Important Brochures — Smoke spreads fast and can be even more dangerous than flames. Teach kids how and why to act fast when the smoke alarm sounds. (Grade 1-3)
  • Know When to Stop, Drop, and Roll! Brochures — Make these life-saving moves memorable so kids know just what to do if their clothes catch on fire. (Grade 1-3)
  • If There’s a Fire, Get Outside, Stay Outside! Brochures — Smoke and fire can spread in as little as two minutes, so to survive kids need to follow the home fire safety escape plan and stay outside until help arrives. (Grade 1-3)
  • Report an Emergency Call 911 Brochures — Emergencies are scary for kids, but knowing firefighters are available 24/7 empowers them to stay calm and convey vital information to 911 operators. (Grade 1-3)

NFPA’s Brochure and DVD Set will keep children focused on fire and emergency safety basics — while they’re having fun.

Each information-packed brochure features full-colour photos and an activity, along with the lyrics its original music video. A Web link on each brochure lets kids go online at home to share the message with their families.

A DVD with all four music videos is included in the set. Order now and advance your safety outreach program by leaps and bounds! NFPA’s new brochures meet Common Core standards for education.

(Includes 100 brochures and 1 DVD)



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